Mob Talk Sitdown: Joey Merlino out of prison early, Grand Jury Subpoena, and more

On this episode of Mob Talk Sitdown, the guys talk about Joey Merlino getting out of prison early and other current Philadelphia mafia news.

According to Mob experts, George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser the new justice reform formula is helping Skinny Joey get out of prison sooner than expected. He was scheduled for release in July of 2020 but he will instead be heading to a halfway house in October as per the latest reports. He may also still get credit for four months of time served for a parole violation if his current appeal breaks his way. If so he could be out and back on the streets even sooner. It seems like the decision Merlino made (which seemed like a no brainer at the time) to finally take a plea deal is working out even better than he expected.

Mob Talk Sitdown

Mob Talk Sitdown

“Mob Talk Sitdown”

The guys also look into the recent plea agreement the feds made with mob turncoat Anthony Persiano. He was the rat involved in the South Jersey drug case that took down Philly mafia soldier Joseph Servidio and others. A big mafia birthday bash for former mob boss Joseph Ligambi. It seems like Uncle Joe is at least semi-retired and acting only as a sort of consigliere for the Cosa Nostra family. At 80 years of age, it seems like the longtime mobster picked a good time to step away.

According to reports Philly Mob Captain Marty Angelina received a grand jury subpoena tied to an assault that took place over twenty years ago. We have been hearing rumors for some time about an ongoing grand jury investigation geared toward a new case against members and associates of the organized crime family. It’s still unclear as to whether or not this is part of those proceedings or not. Check out the new Mob Talk Sitdown video below for more!

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