Mob son accused of hiring hit man to whack father faces brother in court

The mob scion accused of shelling out more than $200,000 to have his own father whacked in a McDonald’s drive-thru appeared in court Tuesday for the first time — as the brother he also tried to kill looked on from the gallery.

Anthony Zottola Sr. remained stone-faced as he shuffled into the courtroom following his arrest for allegedly orchestrating the murder of his Bonanno-linked 71-year-old father, Sylvester “Sally Daz” Zottola.

The 41-year-old’s brother, Salvatore Zottola, looked on from the front row in the gallery while an unidentified female relative sobbed nearby.

Salvatore, 42, survived the caught-on-camera shooting outside his family’s Locust Point home that prosecutors say was intended to”lure out” the elder Zottola.

Court papers claim Anthony began plotting to kill both men for over a year, allegedly in an attempt to gain control of his father’s illegal gambling operation, which involved “Joker Poker” video games.

Prosecutors Tuesday confirmed all defendants are considered eligible for the death penalty — though they’ve yet to decide whether or not they’ll be pursuing a capital murder case.

Lawyers and family for Zottola declined to comment as they left court.

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