Car crash may be the latest strike in ongoing Hamilton Mafia war?

It looks like another bizarre twist in the ongoing Hamilton Mafia war took place on Monday.

Authorities now believe a hit a run car crash may have been an attempt to kill a Musitano crime family associate. The crash took place right in front of Pat Musitano’s home on St. Clair Boulevard. The 76-year-old driver of a Buick described as a “family friend” was backing into the driveway of Pat’s home. According to the police he was apparently spooked by something he saw. He then quickly accelerated and hit a Mercedes on the street traveling southbound head-on causing damage to both vehicles but only minor injuries. Two of three men inside the Mercedes were seen fleeing the scene on foot.

Car crash may be latest strike in Hamilton Mafia War

Car crash may be latest strike in Hamilton Mafia War

The police obtained a general description of the men which were said to be black and between the ages of 25-30. According to a Toronto Sun report the Mercedes had been spotted in the area of the Musitano home for some time. The driver of the Mercedes a 25-year-old Montreal man was later arrested for failing to remain at the crash and conspiracy to commit murder. He was later released due to a lack of evidence according to police. Det. Sgt. Peter Thom said that authorities are not getting any cooperation from any of the parties involved.

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing as authorities try to gather more evidence. It is unclear as to whether or not Pat Musitano was at the residence when the incident took place. Pat has been laying low since the failed mafia hit on him in April. If this is the latest move by Musitano rivals then there may still be more violence to come as the Hamilton Mafia war continues. Whoever is behind the attacks on the Musitano family there seems to be a clear goal in mind and that is to take Pat out along with anyone else willing to stand with him. From the information so far it certainly seems possible that this was a failed hit.

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