Chewing The Fat: Reputed Chicago Outfit Big Shot & Federal Judge Jaw Back-&-Forth At Sentencing

Windy City wiseguy John (Pudgy) Matassa got a break on his prison sentence for embezzling funds from a Chicago labor union and then got testy with the judge who shaved off eight months of his time at a sentencing hearing this week. The portly “Outfit” advisor will do a half-year behind bars followed by a half-year of house arrest. The plea deal he agreed to back in the spring called for a 14-to-21 month prison term.

Matassa, an alleged former capo and consigliere in the Chicago mafia, told U.S. District Court Judge Court Matthew Kennelly he was only facing the sentence in the first place because of his reputation.

“The only reason I’m standing before you today your honor is because my name is John Matassa,” he hissed at Kennelly when he was asked if he had anything to say in response to his sentencing.

Kennelly had a stern retort.

“The reason you are here today, sir, is because you pleaded guilty to a felony,” he said.

Although the 68-year old Matassa has virtually no criminal record prior to his 2017 arrest, he’s long been considered a high-ranking member of organized crime in Chicago by law enforcement. He was booted out of the LIUNA in the late 1990s for his mob ties. Back in February, Matassa copped to lying in order to receive early retirement benefits and placing his wife in a “no-show” job during a stint as Secretary at Local 711 of the Independent Union of Amalgamated Workers.

“Mr. Matassa are you saying the Department of Justice has it in for you?” Kennelly inquired at the end of Monday’s hearing.

Pudgy was emphatic in his answer.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” Matassa said.

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