Notorious Genovese boss’ son gets prison for shakedown of union official

Vinny “The Chin” Gigante’s love child, who is a reputed high-level wiseguy in the Genovese crime family, was handed a two-year prison sentence on Friday for what prosecutors described as a 16-year shakedown of a union official

The sentence for Vincent Esposito, the 51-year-old son of Gigante and the boss’s longtime mistress Olympia Esposito, was on the low end of a stipulated sentencing range worked out as part of Esposito’s plea agreement.

Prosecutors had agreed to push for no more than 30 months on the racketeering conspiracy charge.

Esposito admitted to extorting annual payments from a United Food and Commercial Workers official from 2001 to 2017. When he was arrested in 2018, the authorities raided his $12 million Upper East Side townhouse and found $3.8 million in cash, two unlicensed guns, brass knuckles and a​n actual​ list of made guys in La Cosa Nostra.

Esposito’s father, the former head of the Genovese family, was also known as “The Oddfather” for putting on an act in which he would shuffle around Greenwich Village in a bathrobe and slippers to help with his claims that he is legally insane — a ruse that fell flat in 1997 when he was sent to prison on eight rackettering charges. 

At Esposito’s sentencing hearing, Jeffrey Lichtman, Esposito’s attorney, argued that Gigante’s reputation “cast a shadow” over Esposito.

“The name Vinny ‘The Chin’ brings up all kinds of feelings,” Lichtman said.  

Before issuing Esposito’s sentence, District Judge Victor Marrero of the Manhattan federal court noted that he received 45 letters from Esposito’s supporters — including one from the guard keeping watch over Esposito for his house arrest — that paint a “glowing portrait” of the defendant. But he said the charges against him show a “dark side.”

“It’s probably fair to say that qualifying for membership in an organized crime family does not happen overnight,” Marrero said, adding that becoming a made guy doesn’t come from “public charity, solid citizenship and caring for widows and orphans.” 

Esposito is required to surrender in 45 days.

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