Figliomeni Crime Family targeted by Candaian authorities in latest mafia raids

York Regional Police Organized Crime and Intelligence Bureau targeted the Figliomeni Crime Family in the latest Mafia raid.

According to the official YRP Press ReleaseProject Sindacato” the investigation into the Figliomeni Family began back in 2018. It focused on the clan’s money laundering, loan sharking and illegal gaming operations. Intelligence gathered during the investigation indicated the mafia families current boss was Angelo Figliomeni. Multiple search warrants were executed across Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area leading to the arrest of nine people and seizure of more than $35 million dollars in offense-related property and proceeds. Among the assets seized were 27 mafia owned homes and 23 high-end luxury vehicles. Police said the group was laundering proceeds of crimes at casinos throughout Ontario sometimes “cleaning” between $30,000 and $50,000 per night at various locations.

Figliomeni Crime Family

The Figliomeni Crime Family is believed to be part of the powerful Siderno Group that operates throughout Canada. The Siderno Group based out of the Greater Toronto Area allegedly includes the Coluccio, Tavernese, DeMaria, Figliomeni, Ruso, and Commisso crime families. Leaders of the group are believed to be based both in Canada and Calabria. The Siderno Group is one of the more powerful and influential members of the mafia in Canada. The Ndrangeta linked organization is known to be involved in the global cocaine business and money laundering.

Project Sindacato

Chief Eric Jolliffe said, “These arrests signify the fall of power for the most significant ‘Ndrangheta crime family operating in York Region.” The bust is the “largest organized crime operation” in the history of the York Regional Police. Canadian investigators also worked closely with Italian State Police to execute warrants in Calabria targeting the powerful Commisso clan based out of Siderno. According to reports, there was 14 arrest made in Calabria.

The Ndrangheta has become the most powerful mafia family in Italy and continues to expand its territories in other countries including Canada.

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