Genovese mobster Vincent Esposito is trying to get over on the feds at sentencing

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that may be the case when it comes to Vincent Esposito the son of infamous mafia boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante.

The Genovese crime family scion plead guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge as part of a plea deal. According to the feds, the 51-year-old mobster was part of a long-running New York Mafia labor union extortion scheme. More details surrounding the extortion scheme were laid out in a previous article here at About The Mafia. The details of the plea agreement called for him to be facing from 24 to 30 months behind bars and for him to forfeit $3.8 million. Vincent’s dad just about made a career of getting over on the feds cruising the streets of Greenwich Village in his “Oddfather” role and now he hopes it’s his turn to get over on them.

Vincent Esposito

“Vincent Esposito”

He was scheduled to be sentenced on Friday although that may be delayed. According to prosecutors, Esposito is trying to use for 3.8 million dollar forfeiture as an excuse for added leniency. Manhattan prosecutors said in recently filed court documents that “Esposito essentially seeks to buy his way out of a prison sentence. Esposito must be judged by this Court for his own conduct, without regard to his payment of forfeiture.”

Esposito’s attorneys have also filed motions downplaying the severity of his crimes and claim his time under house arrest should be punishment enough. Prosecutors fired back saying He’s been under house arrest at his multi-million dollar Upper East Side townhouse, in the company and care of his mothers and sisters. Living in one’s own home, surrounded by loved ones, can hardly qualify as just punishment for these offenses. It seems like Vincent may not be quite as crafty as his old men when it comes to dealing with the government but he’s trying.

The Probation Office has recommended a sentence of 18 months noting the fact that he had no criminal history and had a slight health condition known as an enlarged aorta. It is likely the defense will push for an even lighter sentence. But prosecutors want the judge to stick to the details of the plea agreement sentencing Esposito to the 24-30 months. They feel the sentence is just considering that his criminal conduct lasted for over a decade.

It remains unclear as to exactly what standing Esposito has within the Cosa Nostra family. But some aspects of the investigation point to him being involved on various levels. In previously filed court documents the feds referred to him as a “high-ranking and influential member of the Genovese Family”.

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