Top Ndrangheta cocaine broker Nicola Assisi captured in Sao Paulo

Nicola Assisi and his son Patrick were both captured by Brazilian federal authorities in Sao Paulo according to reports.

They are known as top international drug traffickers for the Calabrian Mafia also known as the Ndrangheta. They have both been convicted of international drug trafficking. Nicola was sentenced to 14 years in prison before going on the run and had remained at large for more than two decades. The father and son duo were captured at a beach settlement on the Sao Paulo coast an area considered to be under the control of the Primer Comando da Capital narcos group. An early morning raid of a highly secured luxurious house on Praia Grande was conducted after a long and extensive surveillance operation.

Nicola Assisi arrest

Authorities recovered multiple weapons, millions of euros in cash, and various false IDs along with Argentinian and Brasilian passports. During the press conference following the arrest, authorities said they also plan to look into the possibility that the duo was aided by corrupt officials. They said they believe the mobsters have been based in Brazil for several years now. In 2014 Nicola was arrested in Portugal but was somehow able to escape the country before being extradited. Since then authorities in multiple countries have been on the lookout for them.

A recent seizure of a ton of cocaine in Santos along with several others was part of the massive drug ring controlled by the Italian mafia organization according to the Brazilian federal police. Carabinieri was able to use communications the Assisi’s were having the Ndrangheta back in Italy to help in their capture. Nicola Assisi and his son will be extradited back to Italy and finally answer for their crimes. New reports estimate the Ndrangheta now controls approximately 40% of the global cocaine trade.

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