The Last Train To Clarksville: Mayor Watches Outlaws MC Rev Up To Murder Mode In Tenn. Steakhouse

June 19, 2019 — Two men in Clarksville, Tennessee were gunned down in the parking lot of a Longhorn Steakhouse location earlier this month after getting into a verbal altercation with members of the local Outlaws Motorcycle Club chapter inside the restaurant that was reportedly witnessed by the city’s sitting mayor.

Tennessee Outlaw Michael (Mike the Hulk) Craft was arrested and charged with the June 5 murders of Clarksville residents, James Ramsey and John Allgood, last week. Mayor Joe Pitts was dining at the city’s Longhorn Steakhouse establishment the evening Ramsey and Allgood were killed and was present when the bad blood began to boil.

The 36-year old Craft was in possession of the alleged murder weapon when he was pulled over on his bike five miles away from the scene of the crime the night of the slayings. Craft can be seen on video surveillance leaving the Tilted Kilt bar and heading towards the Longhorn Steakhouse nearby less than 15 minutes before the double homicide occurred. Witnesses inside the restaurant told police they saw Ramsey and Allgood arguing with a group of Outlaws in the moments prior to things spilling over into the parking lot and getting violent.

Joe Pitts, 60, was elected Mayor last November, following 11 years of service as a Democratic Rep. in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Clarksville is the fifth largest city in the state of Tennessee and close to the Kentucky border.

The Outlaws, the premier biker gang in the country’s Midwest and Southern regions, have had a presence in Clarksville dating back decades. Craft has pleaded not guilty in the double murder case. He previously had a 2010 domestic assault charge against him dismissed.

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