Detroit Mobster “Joe Hooks” Hands In His Chips, Dies Peacefully & Free At 87

June 1, 2019 – Retired Detroit mafia figure Joseph (Joe Hooks) Mirabile died recently of natural causes, with a trademark of his career in the underworld being an ability to stay out of jail. The 87-year old Mirabile was a confidant of long-reigning Motor City mob don, Giacomo (Black Jack) Tocco, serving as Tocco’s underboss from 2010 until his death of heart failure in 2014. Mirabile passed away at the end of April, having stepped down from his post into retirement following Tocco dying. For decades, Joe Hooks handled the pornography racket for the Tocco-Zerilli crime family, controlling a majority of the pornographic distribution throughout the state of Michigan and taking pieces of a string of adult bookstores, X-rated theatres and peep show palaces peppered across Metro Detroit. Per Michigan State Police records, he also maintained a stake in a sports- gambling business and dabbled in loan sharking. Mirabile’s uncle was Anthony (Papa Tony) Mirabile, the Detroit mob’s capo in California operating a crew out of San Diego. Papa Tony Mirabile was slain in 1958. Joe Hooks had ties to mafia families in California and New York. Most of the wholesale porn he peddled came via his connections in New York’s Gambino mob.

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