Philly Mafia captain Anthony Staino released from prison

Philadelphia mafia captain Anthony Staino has been released from prison according to mafia insider Dave Schrawieser.

The 62-year-old mob capo was indicted in 2011 along with former acting mob boss Joseph Ligambi, underboss Joseph Massimino, capos Joseph Licata and George Borgesi, and mob soldier Damion Canalichio on various charges including racketeering. While Ligambi, Borgesi, and Licata would eventually beat the wrap Staino and the others weren’t so lucky. Staino was captured on a wiretap telling an FBI undercover agent that he was the crime family’s “CFO” before threatening over repayment of an outstanding 30k loan. The South Jersey captain had routinely made collections on behalf of Ligambi and the Philly mafia according to the feds. In 2013 he plead guilty to federal racketeering and extortion charges and admitted to holding the rank of captain in the Cosa Nostra family. He has been released after doing six years of his eight-year sentence.

Anthony Staino

“Anthony Staino”

Staino made his way through the ranks of the crime family rather quickly and was Ligambi’s right-hand man before the administration was taken down. The Ligambi led administration was holding down the fort running the family for then imprisoned boss Joey Merlino. After pleading guilty Staino said he was done with the mafia and it will be interesting to see if that holds true now that he is out. The landscape has changed since Anthony Staino went away but Ligambi still seems to be in play at least to some extent so if he wants back in there should still be a place for him somewhere within the organization.

Merlino is once again a guest of the government after pleading guilty to illegal gambling charges. According to reports Michael “Mikey Lance” Lancelotti is the families new street boss and sits atop a seemingly still functional hierarchy. Staino adds to the list of wiseguys that have made their way back to the streets over the last few years boosting the families ranks. Although it’s still unclear as to just how active some of these mobsters are today. Is there enough left on the street’s of Philly to keep all these guys profitable? Maybe!

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