Montreal mobster Salvatore Scoppa assassinated

Salvatore Scoppa an influential member of the Montreal mafia was shot to death at the Sheraton Laval Hotel according to reports.

It’s uncertain as to how many times he was shot or where but multiple sources reported that he was killed. The police confirmed that shots were fired in the area but could not confirm any other reports at this time. Scoppa had been targeted before by rival mobsters but somehow survived although it seems his luck has finally run out. Salvatore and his brother Andrew Scoppa controlled a powerful Calabrian mob clan and had emerged as key players in the Mafia in Montreal during the bloody Montreal mafia war which dismantled the once powerful Rizzuto crime family.  This seems like a clear sign that the unrest within the Montreal underworld continues and that more bloodshed may be on the way.  Whoever is behind this attack could also target Andrew who is known to be the more influential of the two.

“Salvatore Scoppa”

It’s clear that when it comes to the mafia both in Montreal and elsewhere things have changed drastically since the death of Vito Rizzuto. The Scoppa’s like many others had ties to Vito and the former Rizzuto hierarchy but had fallen out of favor with the families new leaders including alleged boss Stefano Sollecito according to a secretly recorded conversation during Project Magot. In one meeting between Sollecito, Leonardo Rizzuto, and street gang leader Gregory Woolley they discussed the Scoppa brothers and how they were no longer trusted even though they once had ties to Vito and they considered having one of the brothers killed. Salvatore is suspected of being involved in at least one hit against former Rizzuto leaders back in 2016.

Could Sollecito and what remains of the Rizzuto family be striking back at their enemies in an effort to re-establish control? Things have been relatively quiet in Montreal over the last several months but the death of Scoppa could spur another round of violence. Perhaps reports of the Rizzuto families demise have been a bit premature? A deadly mafia-linked attack in Hamilton that included Montrealers left some wondering if there were possible ties to Montreal mob and in particular the Rizzuto clan. The murder of Salvatore Scoppa is sure to bring with it more theories of a Rizzuto-Sollecito family resurgence.

At this point, anything seems possible and it’s hard to keep track of who has been left standing and who is hitting who and for what reasons. Further updates will follow as the investigation into the Salvatore Scoppa shooting gets underway.