Hamilton Mafia boss Pat Musitano in critical condition after being shot in Mississauga

Hamilton mob boss Pasquale “Pat” Musitano was reportedly shot in Mississauga, Ont., on Thursday morning. Peel Regional Police say an injured man was found with gunshot wounds just after 7 a.m., near Hurontario Street and Matheson Boulevard East. He was sent to a trauma centre in Toronto where he remains in a life-threatening condition.

The Hamilton Spectator reports that the victim is Musitano, but police have so far refused to confirm the man’s identity. The Spectator reports Musitano was shot outside the offices of his lawyer Joseph Irving on Matheson Boulevard East, and was hit up to four times.

Shahid Malik, a lawyer who shares space with Irving, told the Spectator that Musitano had been to see Irving early that morning, and said that “something happened” just after Musitano left the premises. Irving is said to be representing Musitano over the latter’s involvement in a paving and construction outfit, Havana Group Supplies Inc. Havana had recently been involved in a flurry of legal activity over its alleged non-payment of truck drivers who had hauled material for the company, the Spectator reports.

Musitano is the presumed boss of a Hamilton crime family originally hailing from Calabria, Italy. Their specialities include gambling, extortion and racketeering.

The eldest son and apparent heir of Dominic Musitano, who died in 1995, Pat has been stalked by a wave of attacks as a mob war erupted in recent years across the Greater Toronto Area. His family’s enemies are known to include criminal groups in Hamilton, Buffalo, Montreal and elsewhere, including the Luppino and Papalia crime gangs.  

Johnny “Pops” Papalia is seen here in a 1975 photo. Archive

Pat and his younger brother Angelo were famously charged in the May 1997 Hamilton killing of Mafia don John “Johnny Pops” Papalia. Papalia’s underling Carmen Barillaro was killed weeks later in Niagara Falls, and hitman Ken Murdock said the Musitanos had tasked him with eliminating the pair. The Musitanos pleaded guilty in 2000 to conspiring to kill Barillaro. The Papalia charge was dropped, and the brothers were eventually freed in 2007.

The shooting Thursday is the latest incident in a trail of recent carnage surrounding Pat Musitano. In 2015, one of his SUVs was burned out in front of his house, in what police said was an arson attack.

In May 2017 Angelo Musitano was killed in his driveway in Waterdown, outside Hamilton. He had been approached while sitting in his vehicle and was shot repeatedly. One man has been arrested but two other suspects have vanished. The scheme to kill Angelo, part of a suspected Mafia power struggle, was said to have been months in the planning.

A burgundy Ford Fusion used by a gunman is seen outside mobster Angelo Musitano’s Hamilton home. Hamilton police

Weeks after Angelo’s death, Pat’s home was repeatedly shot at in the middle of the night. Police believed the attack, in which no one was injured, was targeted.

The National Post previously reported that before Angelo’s killing, Pat was increasingly concerned for the family’s safety. Sources told the Post he made inquiries months before the murder about getting cars bulletproofed. He then returned a Ferrari to a car dealer days after Angelo’s killing, because he wanted to keep a lower profile.

Anthony Musitano, Pat’s uncle who was himself heavily involved in underworld circles, died this month of natural causes at the age of 72. His funeral was held on Wednesday, but Pat is reported not to have attended.