El Chapo’s wife breaks silence since conviction with bizarre video

The wife of convicted drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has finally broken her silence since his guilty verdict — by posting a photo of a lonely Kermit the Frog on social media.

The instagram story posted by Emma Coronel
The Instagram story posted by Emma Coronelinstagram

In her first public display since Guzman, 61, was convicted last month on drug-trafficking charges, former beauty queen Emma Coronel posted to Instagram a photo of the green Muppet reclining on a bed and appearing to lament his isolation.

“You no longer go out, do not send messages or call anyone,” the 29-year-old Coronel captioned the photo in Spanish — while also labeling Kermit as “me.”

“What are you doing in your house that is so important??” she added.

Under current security measures, Guzman and Coronel are prohibited from communicating in any form.

It’s possible that his sentencing, currently scheduled for June 25, is the last time she will ever see him. He faces life behind bars.