Andy Parker: My daughter was killed on live television. I will do whatever it takes to end gun violence

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That means we must focus our attention on the legislators who are responsible for America’s criminally weak gun laws; laws that facilitate the access dangerous individuals have to firearms on a daily basis.

Legislators such as Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., who represents Roanoke, where the shooting of my daughter and her colleague Adam Ward took place on live television. In his more than two years as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Goodlatte has had plenty of opportunity to bring up universal background check legislation and other gun violence prevention bills. He has refused to lead on this issue, and he has done absolutely nothing to help contain the carnage we are seeing. On the other hand, Goodlatte had no problem cashing his check from the National Rifle Association during the 2014 election cycle. Shame on him.

Reporter Alison Parker was interviewing an economic development official about local tourism as eight shots rang out.
Alison Parker / Twitter

At the state level, we are talking about legislators such as Virginia state Sens. John S. Edwards, Democrat, who represents the area where Alison and Adam lived, and William Stanley Jr., Republican, who represents my home district. Edwards’s district also contains the Virginia Tech campus, so he is fully aware of how easy it is for dangerously mentally ill individuals to acquire guns in the commonwealth of Virginia. Yet he has been a constant opponent of sensible gun reforms, such as expanded background checks, during his nearly 20 years in the state senate, breaking ranks constantly with his colleagues in Virginia’s Democratic Party.

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