Dave Bidini: Why we shouldn’t write Elton John off quite yet

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My son turned 13 last week, and even though you want your children to be themselves and do their own thing, their eyes are mirrors and when they say that thing, that one word, it’s like listening to an old recording of yourself. Not only that, but as they grow, they occupy a space in the world that, while new to them, is, for you, a worn and oiled pocket, having spent years writhing around in it.

For my son’s birthday, I followed a heel-shuffling pack of boys around town: stupid jokes told too many times; absurd stories of someone’s uncle who knew someone’s cousin who cheated death; snowballs gathered and pushed down a back collar; and pizza slices pushed with a single force into crooked-toothed mouths, then belching and farting and running. The smells and the sounds pushed me back in time, and later that evening, I found myself reading a story about Elton John’s boycott of Dolce and Gabbana. I stayed longer in the past than I’d planned.

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