Pupatello ‘feeling good’ as rivals rise in Ontario Liberal leadership race

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Among those surveyed, 36 per cent picked Kennedy — a former federal MP — as the best person to helm the provincial Grits.

Wynne came in second with 23 per cent and Pupatello followed in third with 20 per cent.

However, the race becomes much closer when examining the survey results of declared Liberal voters.

Among Grit supporters, 29 per cent picked Kennedy, 26 per cent chose Pupatello, and 23 per cent said Wynne.

Told of the results, Pupatello pointed out the poll’s small sample size — only 990 respondents — and Toronto-area focus.

But she conceded that her chances of winning at this stage in the game are “50/50.”

While Pupatello believes she has done a good job mustering delegate support, she said the key will be how many of them are selected to go to the convention — a process that takes place Jan. 12 to 13.

“My markers are very clear,” Pupatello said. “And at this point, I think I’m in really good shape. But anything could happen, and I’m really conscious of that.”

“I’m trying not to miss a beat at all. I’m just going flat-out until it’s done.”

Wynne said she doesn’t think anyone can predict what will happen, and she feels that the outcome will be decided on the convention floor.

“I’m very confident in the process. You know — I’ve got a shot at it,” Wynne said during a conference call Thursday.

“I’m just going to continue to talk to as many people as I can and hear their concerns, and reassure them that I’m ready to lead the party. I’m really running to govern.”

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