Roll out the sidewalks: Horizon 2067 aims to give Ottawa more pizzazz

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Still, celebrated Ottawa architect Barry Padolsky said the city is today a “mixed capital,” one that has the potential to be more than civilized, accessible to the countryside and safe.

“When you balance a lack of imagination in some aspects with some of the admirable historic buildings and the parks, it is in the end very liveable,” he said. “With effort, we can raise it to the next level.”

The Horizon 2067 plan, which will be approved in the spring of 2013, is so far short on details and tangible proposals.

The commission this fall spent upward of $650,000 crisscrossing the country to hold what Ms. Lemay calls “capital conversations,” where Canadians in Ottawa, Quebec City, Halifax, Victoria, Edmonton and elsewhere voiced their desires for a future Ottawa. It began with a capital conversation with the aboriginal community, which the commission hopes to better represent in the capital whether through renaming streets after aboriginal leaders or by celebrating the traditions through events.

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